WILD&FREE in Big Bear

It started with an instagram message from founder and manager of @mountaingirls, Meg Kee.  She wanted to know if I'd fly down to California to be a part of a Mountain Girls summit, teaching the outdoorsy women how to mountain bike at the Big Bear mtb park.  She also mentioned rock climbing; something I haven't done since I was 8 years old...  



A little Shredit

Can't say I'm anything fancy when it comes to winter sports, but I can say I do have fun!  After what has seemed like forever, fresh snow finally hit the slopes in Sweden, and me and my mate Hanna went out in search for some pow, laughs, and coffee in a teepee!   



freeriding in Kamloops for IXs catelogue

Geoff and I both ride for IXS, and had the opportunity to shoot in Kamloops for their 2017 catelogue.  You could say it was my "official unofficial" welcome into the Freeride world, with big gravel chutes and dipping off the side of the fire road into secret loam trails...